WindowPane Check Shirts 【NAVY】

¥16,500 - Points

▼ Material
cotton 100%

This is fabric, sewing, all made of Japan.
The more you wear a rope stained thread,
It is a high quality fabric that can enjoy the color loss due to aging.
There is a thick and firm firmness, and I will be familiar with repeating the washing.

The sense of size has a considerable room with width, shoulder width and arm hall.
It is a relaxed box silhouette.
Squire the sleeve width widely, and it is designed to be stressed even if you wear it.
The pockets on both sides are also easy to use.

※ Because of the washing, it will fall off, so please separate it with the other things.
※ This product may cause color loss and color transfer due to sweat, water, friction, etc. due to the characteristics of the material, so please be careful when wearing.
※ Please be aware in advance that the shading relationship may differ slightly from the real thing.
※ Please note that cancellation and replacement are not accepted for customer convenience.

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