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cotton 100%

Body uses KBIG S / S TEE.
Width, shoulder width and sleeve width are designed to have a relaxing length design to a corresponding length.
Sleeve length is about 5 minutes that elbow hides.
Not only big, but also the sailing silhouette of the shoulder and sleeves.

The fabric uses cotton with a long fiber length, and it is a slightly soft texture that uses a longer fiber selected and longer texture.
Ring-spun yarn is a flat and smooth surface with less fluff.
The fabric that brings up with the tuft, and the dough with a moderate weight of 8 oz is easy to use, and can be worn on tough.
Neck is difficult to grow with two needles sewing, and the sleeves and hem are highly durable with double stitch finish.

* Depending on the product, it may be possible to move to others due to the long-term abutment or friction in a damp condition or sweat, or by friction, so please be careful when wearing. Please use the laundry net to avoid mixing with other things. It may cause color loss and color transfer.
※ There may be somewhat shrunk when washing.
※ Please note that the size of the display and the real thing may be slightly different.
※ Please be aware in advance that the shading relationship may differ slightly from the real thing.
※ Please note that cancellation and replacement are not accepted for customer convenience.

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