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【terms of service】
· When using this site, you need to agree to these terms.
If the user uses this site, it is considered that this Terms of Terms is agreed. If you do not agree to this Terms of Use, please refrain from using this site.

· JAM Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is KEBOZSHOP.COM (hereinafter referred to as "this site") and KEBOZSHOP online shop (hereinafter referred to as "this service" (hereinafter referred to as "this site") Collections on the use of "this service, etc.", collectively referred to as this site. In order to use this service etc., you must agree with this Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "this Terms of Use").

【Business Information】
Store name: Keboz Shop
Distributors: Jam Co., Ltd.
Address: Tokyo Thailand District Previous 2-chome 4-3
Email Address: Support@kebozshop.com
Homepage: https://kebozshop.com
Support correspondence time: weekdays 10:00 to 17:00 (except for weekends and year-end holidays and large holidays)

【About order, shipping, shipping cost】
(1) Delivery company
· Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.

(2) Shipping fee
· Free shipping on purchase more than 15,000 yen (tax included)
Shipping costs domestic uniform 660 yen (Okinawa Prefecture only 1,620 yen)

(3) Delivery time
· We usually send products, etc. within 4 business days from the order confirmation date.
Please note that delivery correspondence may be performed for the year-end and new year holidays.)

(4) Delivery date
· We can specify delivery date and time after 4 days after order date.
※ Order after 14 o'clock is converted to a business day from the next day.
※ Please note that it is delayed by order status, delivery status, weather, etc.
※ Changes after delivery date and time are not received, so please enter that there is no mistake.
※ Please note that delivery date and time designation service can not be accepted in some areas such as remote islands and Okinawa.

(5) Delivery status
The product delivery status after shipping can be confirmed in real time from the following Sagawa Express Co., Ltd., luggage inquiry service.
When confirming, please prepare the "Luggage Contact number" described in the Mail "Contact of Product Shipping" to send after shipping the product.
Sagawa Express Luggage Contact service: http://k2k.sagawa-exp.co.jp/p/sagawa/web/okurijoinput.jsp

(6) Notes
※ Please note that it will not be subject to damages even if it is not a case.
※ Depending on your order status, delivery may be available.
※ The arrival of the product may be delayed at traffic conditions due to weather and the crowded timing on transportation.
※ Shipping business day is [weekdays 10:00 to 14:00].
※ Please note that shipping correspondence may be performed on the end of the year and the large consecutive holidays.
※ Please fill out the address of the delivery address to the address, building name, room number.
We can not take any responsibility for accomplishment with address insufficiency, and please note that shipping costs associated with retransmission will be borne by the customer.
※ Please note that you do not receive two or more orders.
※ After delivery by Sagawa Express, the storage deadline for luggage will be 7 days from the first delivery date.
We can not receive the user, such as long-term absence and rejection refusal, and we can not receive principle redistributions for the products returned to our company.
In addition, it is not possible to return to one-sided product etc. by the user.
We may refuse the following orders by the user who conducted the above.

[About payment]
Please choose from the following five. Please note that other payment methods are not currently supported.
· Credit card payment (VISA · Master Card · AMEX)
· PayPal payment
· Shop Pay payment
· Appal Pay payment
· Google Pay payment

(1) Credit card payment
The card brand that can be used is as follows.
VISA · Master Card · AMEX

(2) PayPal payment
Please check from the following site for PayPal.

(3) Shop Pay payment
Please check from the following site for PayPal.

(4) APPAL PAY payment
) For Appal Pay, please check from the following site.

(5) Google Pay payment
Please check the following site for Google Pay.

【Confirmation of payment】
(1) For payments such as products purchased by this service, we only pay by credit card (VISA · Master Card · AMEX) of the user who is the buyer.
(2) It does not support the installment payment at the time of purchase. Please check your card company with regard to whether or not to change the installment payment after purchase.
(3) If you get an error when ordering, try other credit cards and settlement methods.
(4) We can not accept change of payment method after order confirmation.
(5) If the user chooses a payment by a credit card, the payment method etc. will be subject to the terms of use, as well as this Terms of Use. If a dispute occurs between the user and the third party of the credit card company, etc., the user solves the problem that it takes for the problem of self-responsibilities and expenses. We shall not give us to the Company from giving any damage, loss or disadvantage.
(6) If you have a defect in the input information during payment by a credit card, we may suspend the shipment of the product to confirm the input information. In that case, we will ship the product as soon as you confirm the accuracy of the input information.

[Cancellation, change, exchange, returned goods]
(1) Cancellation, change, replacement, returns and returned goods can not be accepted by customer's convenience after product order confirmation. Before confirming your order, please confirm the purchase after confirming the number of product names, color sizes, and number once again once.
Please note that if you cancel the purchase in the case of cancellation.

(2) We pay full attention to product management and shipping, but if the delivered product is a defective product or if a product different from the order product arrives, it will be replaced with the same good product.
At that time, please contact us by email from Contact.

(3) With regard to the rejection of the product
We do not accept cancellation after ordering.
Even though the product was delivered, there are cases where it will not be received for your convenience and once again received.
In that case, shipping costs and expenses will be borne by our customers for cancellations due to customer's convenience, and will be charged from our shop.
※ We may not be able to receive new orders from customers who have returned by receipt and returned by your own convenience.

(4) Only if there is no stock such as a product etc., the Company will return to the user by the following method, as a result of the following method.
1 If the user purchased the product by credit card
a) We will cancel credit card requests by our company.
b) If the price such as a product etc. that returned the claimed product based on the relationship of the cledbard company, etc., if the price such as the return cancellation based on the above A) is deducted, the Company refunds the user through the credit card company after the following month, Or, we will process such as subtraction from the usage.
c) In addition to the above a) b), if the Company can not perform the charge cancellation of the credit card by the Company, the company is the name of the user who is the purchaser who ordered the product etc. as long as we judged Conduct a refund only to the account to be confirmed.

(5) The replacement is not available below
a) If you can not contact you within 7 days after arrival of the product
b) If you are losing a part of the product due to your customer's responsibility
c) Customer's responsibility, if the product is foubled and damaged
d) If the product is used at once
e) Otherwise, if we decide that we can not accept exchange in accordance with the above

[About defective / mistripment]
(1) We pay full attention to product management and shipping, but if the delivered product is a defective product or if a product different from the order product arrives, it will be replaced with the same good product.
In addition, if the product can not be replaced by out of stock, it will be a refund compatible.
In that case, please be sure to contact us within one week after the product arrival (including the product arrival date).
In addition, we will respond as soon as you return.
Exchanges after use such as color loss and color transfer of goods are not accepted.

[About product]
(1) The characteristics of the finish may be overwhelmed. Do not wash with other things.
Please note that we will not make any compensation for color transfer and color loss by our product.

(2) Please note that the shading relationship is slightly different from the real thing.

(3) Please note that it may differ slightly with the dimensions described in the size chart.

【Point generation condition】
(1) This occurs by purchasing the product on this site. Points occur 1% for your purchase price (tax included).

(2) One year is expired. After the expiration date, the point will be invalid and you will not be available.

(3) The determined points can be used as 1PT = 1 yen at the time of product purchase. Points can be used in units of one point.

[Question about Login]
Q1. I can not login
A1. "The member ID or password is incorrect." If it is displayed, there is no registration with the email address or password input error or the email address you entered.
※ If you are adding to the email address or password at the time of new member registration, please enter the upper case correctly. If you have forgotten your password, please reset your password

Q2. I can not request a password reconfiguration
A2. "Check your email address and password." If it is displayed, there may be errors in the email address or password.
※ If you are adding to the email address or password at the time of new member registration, please enter the upper case correctly.
Copy the password listed in the email text and paste it into the password entry field to try login.

Q3. Password Reconfiguration E-mail does not reach
A3. If the email does not arrive, the delay of mail delivery or registered e-mail address (including changes in e-mail address) may have domain rejection setup. If you have changed your email address, please register a new address in "Change Email Address" in "My Page" after login. ※ If you are measuring spam mail, please cancel domain specification of support@kebozshop.com. (If not released, you may not be able to receive contact from the Kebozshop online shop.)
Please check the mobile phone communication service of the contract for how to set the domain specification cancellation.

Q1. Do you have product resale
A1. Information about resale is available at any time from Instagram.
Please note that even if you inquire about time and items, etc.

Q2. Is gift packaging possible?
A2. Currently, please note that we can not respond.

Q3. I want to change the payment method
A3. You can not change your order and settlement methods after order confirmation. Please be sure to check before ordering.

Q4. I can not purchase it because I was in a cart.
A4. When "purchase confirmation" is pressed, the order is completed (securing of the product).
If you put it in your cart, you may not secure a product and may be sold out.

Q5. I want to cancel only one of the products ordered: I want you to summarize your order.
A5. Cancellation, change, replacement, returned goods can not be accepted due to customer's convenience after product order confirmation.

Q6. I want to cancel after shipping.
A6. Please note that you can not accept cancellation after shipping.

【Request from the shop】
Please contact us for inquiries and inquiries from Contact.
Please refrain from Instagram and Twitter contact.

【About reply for inquiries】
If you have any inquiries, we will reply within 1 to 3 business days (excluding weeks and Sunday, New Year and large holidays).
In addition, when using a mobile phone's email address, the spam response function may automatically reject the mail sent from the Company.
Please set support@kebozshop.com to receive email addressing.
If you have not asked for a reply, you will receive the above-mentioned domain, but please contact us again.
※ Please note that the contents described in the Terms of Terms of Terms and Conditions are available.

Please purchase after understanding the terms of use.

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